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TBM : 700 livrés. Succes Story !

16 décembre 2014 / Chroniques du ciel

Joli succès pour ces mono-turbopropulseurs lancés en 1988 par la filiale d’Aérospatiales, à Tarbes, en parallèle à la décroissance de la production de la gamme TB (TB9/10/20/200).

Aérospatiale est devenue EADS, puis Airbus, et elle s’est séparée de Socata repris par DAHER qui veille minutieusement à son avenir. 

Après les TBM 700, puis 850 est venu le 900. 



2014_TBM_SN1037 2 TBM 900 @Daher Socata



Communiqué de Daher Socata :

DAHER-SOCATA delivers the 700th TBM aircraft


This milestone confirms the continued market demand for DAHER-SOCATA’s very fast turboprop family


Tarbes, France, December 15, 2014 – DAHER-SOCATA today announced the delivery of its 700th series production TBM very fast turboprop aircraft.

The milestone airplane, a TBM 900, was provided to a private customer in Illinois, USA through a sale organized by Muncie Aviation – the authorized TBM distributor based at Muncie Municipal Airport, Indiana.


“This 700th TBM’s delivery demonstrates the full acceptance of the single-engine turboprop concept, which is the flagship of DAHER’s aerospace activities,” stated Stéphane Mayer, President and CEO of DAHER-SOCATA. “We are now setting our sights on the next milestones.”


DAHER-SOCATA’s TBM 700 version was the first series-production pressurized single-engine aircraft to be certified, and after several evolutionary steps, the 300th TBM of this type came off the assembly line in June 2004.  A total of 324 TBM 700s – all powered by a 700-shp engine – were built and delivered worldwide.


The program gained additional momentum with DAHER-SOCATA’s 2005 launch of the TBM 850, equipped with an 850-hp engine.  A glass cockpit TBM 850 incorporating Garmin G1000 avionics was introduced in 2008.  Deliveries of the TBM 850 totaled 338 through the end of 2013, and included the 500th TBM-series aircraft in 2009 and 600th in 2011.


DAHER-SOCATA unveiled its latest version, the TBM 900, in March 2014, rapidly logging 50 initial sales – of which 35 already have been delivered.  The TBM 900 delivers superior performance with low fuel consumption, offering a maximum cruise speed of 330 kts, and 1,730 naut. mi. maximum range.


Retaining the TBM 850’s proven airframe, engine and avionics, the TBM 900 is enhanced by an aerodynamic optimization that includes the addition of winglets, Hartzell’s new five-blade composite propeller, a complete nose-to-firewall redesign for improved engine airflow circulation and an improved human-machine interface in the cockpit and a completely revamped electrical system.

This latest TBM version incorporates a single-control throttle, associated with a new torque limiter to enable the use of 850 hp. engine power at takeoff.  By applying the available 850 shp. engine power from takeoff, the aircraft’s ground roll is reduced – even in hot-and-high conditions – while its improved climb rate enables the 31,000-ft. ceiling to be reached in 18 minutes, 45 seconds.


Nicolas Chabbert, the Senior Vice-President of DAHER-SOCATA Airplane Business Unit and President of SOCATA North America, noted that the global TBM fleet has now accumulated nearly 1.2 million flight hours in 35 countries.

“The TBM family’s success can be explained by its designed-in cost/performance ratio, as well the commitment and passion of DAHER-SOCATA’s employee teams to providing high-quality aircraft,” Chabbert added.

About the TBM aircraft family –


DAHER-SOCATA’s TBM family of fast single-engine turboprop aircraft combine cruising speed and trip times of a light jet with the economic direct operating costs, range and moderate environmental signature of a turboprop engine. The maximum range and useful load, as well as the ability to land at small airports, are some of its customers’ favorite features.

About DAHER –


DAHER is a tier-1 equipment supplier to high-technology industries.

DAHER offers manufacturing and services solutions to the aerospace & defense, nuclear & energy and capital goods sectors. With a robust engineering-based approach, DAHER is able to deliver innovative and differentiating solutions to its industrial customers.


Created in 1863, DAHER is an international group, present in 12 countries across the world. In 2013, DAHER generated a turnover of nearly one billion euros, with an order book equivalent to more than three years of turnover.

DAHER-SOCATA is the aerospace and defense division of the DAHER Group.




TBM program milestones / Historique du Programme TBM


  • 1988: First flight of the TBM 700 prototype
  • 1990: Certification and first customer delivery of the TBM 700, world’s first-certified civilian pressurized turboprop
  • 1991: TBM 700 ordered by the French Air Force for liaison duties, 20 aircraft are purchased
  • 1992: A TBM 700 is selected as the shuttle for the International Olympics Committee at the Courchevel Mountain airport during the Winter Olympic Games
  • 1993: “Around the world in less than 80 hours” by a TBM 700 – With the crew of Jacques Lemaigre du Breuil, Nicolas Gorodiche and Olivier Waisblat  (couverture médias Michel Polacco France Info et France Inter en parallèle avec le Tour du Monde en 48 heures en Airbus A340 World Ranger)
  • 1994: Lindbergh Trophy, New York – Paris direct flight in a TBM 700 in 10 hr 54 min 41 seconds pilot: J. Lemaigre du Breuil

–         French Army Aviation (ALAT) orders five TBM 700

–         TBM 700 is the first single-engine turboprop approved for Public Transport in Canada

  • 1997: Launch of the TBM 700B, with large door and optional pilot door
  • 1999: TBM 700B Freighter version go-ahead; ALAT (French Army Aviation) orders three TBM 700Bs
  • 2000:  First civilian fleet order from Jetfly, a fractional ownership operator
  • 2001: Quest Diagnostics orders six TBM 700B Freighters for medical sample transport
  • 2003: TBM 700C2 increased maximum takeoff weight version introduced
  • 2005: TBM 850 launch announcement
  • 2006: First deliveries of the TBM 850
  • 2007: Garmin selected to design an integrated all-glass flight deck for the TBM 850
  • 2008: Introduction of the TBM 850 with the G1000 integrated all-glass flight deck
  • 2009: Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) certified on G1000-equipped TBM 850s
  • 2011: TBM 850 Special Edition to celebrate DAHER-SOCATA’s 100th anniversary of manufacturing activity
  • 2012: Introduction of the TBM 850 Elite with quick-change interior
  • 2014: Launch of the TBM 900.